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At eLOVE wholesale

we pride ourselves with a wide assortment of jewelry and fashion accessories. Our jewelry collection includes our own handcrafted Must Have Collection, custom jewelry, and charming adornment details such as stones, beads to shiny gold, sterling silver, and other fine materials that complements every style in any occasion.

new goodies daily

We additionally offer fashion hats, sunnies, ponchos, and other goods such as fashion masks and chains in a variety of colors and shapes with new goodies daily.

our service excellence

We believe in the strong influence that binds us to every single one of our customers and we aim to continually solidify our relationship through our customer confidence, our service excellence, and the powerful unity that keeps us together.

dedication and commitment

We believe in our passion and devotion to carefully curating every new style we bring into our collection. This dedication and commitment let us set the stage for the ever changing swings of the trends today.

Reasons to shop with us


We look forward to providing you with the jewelry, quality, and dedication in customer service that you are looking for!
Please feel free to contact us at: 512-666-1145


Product any fault within 7 days for an immediately exchange.


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